My name is Ashley Rae Burns -----great Southern name---huh?! I’m a “true grits” kind of gal---girl raised in the South! I’m an old soul who loves anything vintage from my clothes to my music----Patsy, Dolly, Loretta, Jesse, Waylon, Willie, and Merle!! If you don’t know their last names---you ain’t country! On any given weekend, you’ll find me at the flea market, junk stores, or riding the back roads in search of fabulous old treasures!

I grew up in a fairy tale world---I mean that literally! My Mom had tiny fairy furniture hidden throughout the secret gardens where I played. Being an only child, I had imaginary playmates and my Mom made sure every ordinary day was an extra-ordinary day! There were tea parties, ball gowns for dress-up, home-made play-doh, Shirley Temple movies, and vintage children’s books. You’ve heard the saying “Mama tried,” well, let me tell you, my Mama “Succeeded!”

Pink is my signature color---and you guessed it, my Mama lives in a pink house!! I thank God for my Daddy every night who puts up with me and Mama. He’s a saint living with us sinners---bless his heart!! He makes all of our dreams come true---including two rockin-retro vintage Shasta campers he recently rescued and restored----and you guessed it, they’re pink too----actually they are called “blush” and “bashful”—remember, we are “Steel Magnolia” kind of girls!!

Yes, it’s true, I got my creativity from my Mama, but I got my sewin skills from my Nanny! Nanny lived next door when I was growin up---remember, I told you it was a fairy tale life!! She helped me with my first sewin’ project when I was seven. We made an apron for my Mama---you guessed it again, Mama’s an awesome cook---she’s right up there on a throne with Paula Deen for sure!! Nanny has been “the driving Miss Ashley” force with my business and I’m so grateful for her guidance and knowledge as an exceptional seamstress. I dream it, and Nanny teaches me how to bring it to life. I got my looks from my Mama, my talent from my Nanny, and my nose from my Daddy! HA!

Creativity is my passion and I love taking old broken, discarded jewelry, slips, and baubles, and breathing new life into them. Hence, “Texas Trash Jewelry and Clothing” was born! Check out my new website and shop till you drop for a truly one-of-a-kind Texas Trash Original!! And don’t forget, when you’re out on the road, look for me and Mama—we’ll be hauling down the road less traveled in our little pink Shasta trailers----Girls Gone Glamping!! HA! Ya’ll come back now hear!! P.S. “It’s a business doin’ pleasure with ya!!”
Ashley Rae

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